Incorporate digital eMoney transactions and rewards into your business strategy

Awesome Capabilities

Integrate an intelligent digital service into your business to grow revenue and minimize leakage

Customer Management

Customers can make eMoney and eReward transfers seamlessly from their dedicated digital accounts

Flexible Rules Engine

Advance risk management with the ability to dynamically restrict transactions to eliminate revenue leakage.

Revenue Allocation

A service that delivers ultimate flexibility and control over the real-time settlement of transactions.

e-Commerce Integration

Simple API that enables cost effective and seamless integration with existing online and on-premise services.

Broker Management

Comprehensive management capabilities enables the efficient delivery of services at reduced cost

Transaction Tracking Management

Fine grain transaction tracking management to ensure minimise risk and ensure compliance.

More Revenue

Attract and retain customers

Cost effectively deliver targeted eMoney transaction rewards to your customers using the mobile devices they own and use every day.

Empower your partners and agents with the tools you need while maintaining oversight and control.

Use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to gain insights before your competitors do.

eMoney and ePoints Management

Track all your transfers

Locate the nearest agent and merchants on an interactive map.

Design compelling rewards and offers for customers to buy and redeem

View merchant’s profile and add to your contact list.

View and initiate transactions from your mobile devices.

Account Management

Advanced real-time account management

Extend your reach by accepting eMoney transfers on online purchases.

Automatically settle payment transfers to agents and brokers without manual intervention

Monitor transaction in real time for enhanced security and to optimize your revenue

Data Analytics

Use real time analytics for insights

Analyze user activities by access channel

Analyze transaction across channels

Analyze partner performance in real time

Monitor user access and activities

Why chose us ?

  • Security
  • Trust
  • Certification
  • Expertise
  • Passion

Our cloud infrastructure is hosted on a secure platform in the Microsoft Azure cloud. We use IBM’s API platform for application integration and the IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence capabilities for analytics.

Our business rules and approval process ensures eMoney is issued against customer funds deposited  in a Prudential Regulated financial institution.

Our technology and business practice leaders are certified by leading industry bodies to deliver financial technology services.


Our team is made up of industry experts and led by professionals with significant academic, research, business, technology and industry experience.



Our services were developed by experienced industry professionals committed to enabling cost effective access to digital services on the cloud.

Our Services

Digital transformation with eVoucher and eMoney services(95%)
API economy application integration services(75%)
Intelligent cloud application hosting services(65%)
Training and capacity building(55%)

Our Mission

Enable cost effective revenue collection using cloud based eVoucher and eMoney services

Streamline Revenue Collection

We empower customers, merchants and agents by integrating and automating payment services, thereby enhancing overall end user experience.

Accelerate Financial Inclusion

We accelerate financial inclusion by enabling cost effective access to eVoucher and eMoney services, thereby creating a stronger foundation for economic growth.

Unlock New Opportunities

We enable merchants to grow revenue by accepting eVoucher and eMoney payments via a low touch cost effective agency network.

It’s our passion, not only work!

Making Everything Possible

Realtime Transaction Processing

eMoney transactions are processed in real time, enabling greater transparency and accelerating money flow which results in increased sales.

Network Based Services

eMoney services enables wealth generation within networks. Everyone benefits, from end users to merchants and institutional partners.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

eMoney gets a thumbs up from everyone. Services are accessible to everyone, including the unbanked. The cost of sales is much lower.

Jump in now and give your business a boost!

Grow your revenue cost effectively